Warehousing & Storaging

Storage of artworks and antiquities in recent years has become one of the priorities of Fineartway. Unfortunately, the relatively undeveloped Russian art market does not provide to museums, collectors and gallery owners a wide range of companies specializing in storage of art objects.


In Russia’s current climate of burgeoning retail trade, it is more cost-efficient to store goods of popular consumption and loads which do not require heightened security measures and climate-regulation. At the same time, storing works of art is not just a matter of reliably protecting the exhibits from theft and damage and of having the right equipment and appliances to this end. The very concepts of ‘museum-quality storage’ or of ‘conservation’ presuppose the ability to create, starting out from each material’s particular properties, appropriate conditions for the long-term safekeeping of museum valuables. It stands to reason that all works of art are subject to the process of natural ageing since the organic substances which go into oil and tempered paints are themselves subject to gradual change. It is impossible to halt this process, but it can be slowed and reduced to a minimum. For this, it is necessary to create good storage conditions. Thus our principle task in organising the long-term storage of exhibits is on the one hand, to protect the works in our care from theft and all manner of damage, and, on the other, to regulate the temperature and humidity so as to optimise the conditions for each individual work.


With this in mind, we divide storage into three main types:


  • Long-term (one month and above)

  • Short- and intermediate-term (1-30 days)

  • Transit (applicable when a load requires certain procedures: packaging, consolidated packaging etc.)


In accordance with the task at hand we can offer our clients the use of one of our three storage facilities.


For transit storage our facility on the outskirts of Moscow, in the Novogireevo district, is best suited. It is fitted to the hilt with all the necessary equipment and materials for packaging works of art, for carrying out insurance and other inspections and for preparing works for transportation.

For long-term storage we use spaces in one of Moscow’s most reliable and high-quality logistics parks. It is situated 12km from Moscow, which makes it ideal for intermediate- and long-term storage in particular: on the one hand its remoteness from the centre of town somewhat encumbers day-to-day delivery, on the other hand it means the storage is substantially less costly.

We have one other storage facility which is dedicated, first and foremost, to storing relatively small works of art of especial value. In this category come extremely valuable books, icons, paintings and drawings, and articles made from priceless stones and metals. It is isolated bank-type storage and is fitted with a device which regulates the climate and lighting, as well as with a full complex of security systems.