Many gallery owners, collectors, and even museums are often at a loss when it comes to setting up exhibitions, private expositions, art installations etc. This is not hard to explain: it is not financially viable for galleries and small art institutions to maintain a large staff of exhibition installation specialists –  for, as a rule, the installations themselves occur no more frequently than once a month.  Furthermore, exhibitions can be so diverse that one or two employees is clearly not sufficient. For high-quality work specialists with wholly disparate spheres of expertise are required: curators, electricians, builders, specialists in temporary architecture etc. In addition to narrow specialist skills, they must also have a good artistic instinct and eye – expertise which comes with experience.  On the other hand, even such serious institutions as museums sometimes encounter problems with the installation of exhibitions. This is particularly relevant for modern art exhibitions: young artists use new artistic means of expression, which are often highly technical and innovative. When this is the case experts specialising in areas seemingly quite distant from art can be required – experts in electronics, laser-, audio- and video-technologies. And sometimes the use of special technology is required: forklifts, cranes, suspension mechanisms and all manner of electrical and electronic devices.


And it is here in particular that the specialists from our company prove irreplaceable: while boasting great experience in work of this type and possessing the necessary skills and tools, we can also attract reliable, certified partners from completely disparate fields who are prepared to help us solve the most unusual of challenges.


At the same time, with our experience of installing classical ‘museum’ expositions, we are able not only to perform the actual hanging and installation of works of art, but also to consult our clients about the optimum methods of installation, the choice of positions for the arrangement and the safekeeping of the exhibits. We take into account the technological peculiarities of the works and the exposition spaces, the effects of the climate and the so-called ‘human factor’ – protection from vandalism.


Everything is very convenient for our clients: all of the organisational logistics of exhibitions – from their delivery to the museum (or house, or office) to the installation, to the dismantling and packing away – are in a single pair of hands. Our managers swiftly relay information about the works of art to the installation team, who then have time - while the transportation is being prepared or while the exhibits are in transit - to familiarise themselves with the exhibition space and to fully prepare the instruments and materials necessary for the installation.


As a rule, any installation work which we do is insured. Moreover our workers adhere to the highest standards of professionalism.

Installation of expositions, like storage, was once a subsidiary component of Fineartway’s activities.  However, the demand for this service was so high that over time it became our speciality.  Indeed, it would not be an exaggeration to say that the installation of exhibitions is perhaps the most creative and interesting part of our work: just as no two works of art are the same, so are there no one-size-fits-all solutions to how to hang, mount or install them. On each occasion we encounter new challenges whose solutions not only involve all of our ingenuity, but are also rather flattering to our professional vanity.